Ricky Alvarez (Ariana Grande) Boyfriend: Wiki,Height,Weight and other details

Who is Ricky Alvarez? 

Ricky Alvarez and Ariana Grande has been in relationship for almost two months while the question comes in everybody mind, Who is this guy Ariana Grande has been dating for several months? Ricky Alvarez is a backup dancer from Ariana Grande’s concert crew and has been appearing on Ariana Grande tours for over a year. Ricky has been currently performing for Ariana in almost all of her live performances and has been getting lot of media attentions due to their on-going relationship on and off the stage. It has been rumored that Ricky is 22-year-old guy from California.

How Tall is Ricky Alvarez?

Ricky is 5’10” tall while Ariana Grande is 5’3″ tall.

How much did Ricky weighs?

His weight is estimated to be around 70 kg.

When did Ricky and Ariana Grande met?

Ariana Grande have met Ricky as a dancer on her tour since May 2015 and they have been dating since June last year. But Ariana gave a hint of her mystery guy this year.