Merle Haggard Net Worth

Merle Haggard Net Worth

Merle Haggard Net Worth: Merle Haggard was an American county singer and songwriter. Merle Haggard Net Worth is estimated to be around $38 million.

Born on April 6, 1937 in Oildale, California, Merle help out to create the Bakersfield sound along with Buck Owens and Haggard’s band The Strangers. Their music was branded by the exceptional mix of traditional county steel guitar and the twang of Fender Telecaster guitar. In 70’s, Haggard aligned with movement known as ‘outlaw movement’ and his success continued till early 2000s.

Haggard has produced number of hits songs including, Branded Man, Sing Me Back Home, The Legend of Bonnie and Clyde, Hungry Eyes, Daddy Frank, Carolyn, Grandma Harp, Everybody’s Had the Blues, Movin’ On, The Roots of My Raising, Big City, Someday When Things are Good, Natural High, A Place to Fall Apart, Always Wanting You and many more.

He has won multiple awards, including Top Male Vocalist 7 times between 1966 and 1970. In 1994, Haggard was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame while he was inducted in Kennedy Centers Honors in 1994.

Haggard has also fall on certain controversies and storms, He committed a number of minor legal offenses to include thefts and writing back checks and was sent to juvenile detention center in 1950 for shoplifting. He was arrested for robbery and also when he tried to rob a Bakersfield roadhouse and was sent to Bakersfield Jail, where he attempted to escape and was then transferred to San Quentin Prison.

On April 6, 2016 , Merle Haggard died on the day of his 79th birthday.

Merle Haggard Net Worth: $38 million