Joe Garagiola Sr. Net Worth

Joe Garagiola Sr. Net Worth

Joe Garagiola Sr. Net Worth :Joe Garagiola Sr. Was an American baseball catcher, announcer and television host. Joe Garagiola Sr. Net Worth is estimated to be around $6 million.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1926, Joe grew up in Elizabeth Avenue in an Italian-American neighborhood known as the Hill. He started his baseball career at the age after he was signed by St. Louis Cardinals, At 17 he remains the youngest player to play in Columbus Red Birds. After taking training at Jefferson Barracks, Garagiola was sent to Kansas, where he established himself as the catcher for the Fort Riley Centaurs. Garagiola played 676 games over 9 seasons and didn’t live up to his expectation, He later decided to retire and continued his career as a writer. He is the author of “It’s Anybody’s Ballgame” and “Just Play Ball”.

Garagiola then turned his career as a baseball broadcaster and was best known for his almost 30 year association with NBC television. He also contributed in three All-Stars Games, three National League Championship series and three World series.  Garagiola has also hosted “Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”

Garagiolas was inducted into Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in 1970, he was presented with a Peabody Award in 1973 for his 30 years work in NBC. He was also honored by the Baseball Hall of Fame for his outstanding broadcasting accomplishments.

Joe Garagiola Sr. Net Worth: $6 million